Automating Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

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1. Introduction


In this session, Patrick Koch will show how resources can be provisioned, modified and destroyed in Azure by using Terraform. Discover how an Infrastructure as Code approach can be enabled by using an open-source tool. Enjoy a live demonstration including the provisioning of virtual machines, Kubernetes Cluster, Container Registries, etc. which are ready to work within a few minutes.

Get-together afterwards with having snacks and drinks :)

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of cloud computing


2. Key Facts

Title: Automating Azure Infrastructure with Terraform [Tutorial]
Location: Graz, Smart City - Waagner-Biro Strasse 108
Date: 2022-11-29 repository:

3. Prerequisites

Basic understanding of cloud computing

4. How to arrive

Google Maps Link to the location of the building:

If you’d like to arrive by using public transport, take line 6 (Smart City) get out at “Dreiersch├╝tzengasse/Helmut-List-Halle” and follow the way of the blue dotted line:


Just go straight forward and pass the gate:


We’ll meet us at the door below the “AVL” icon. There you’ll get your access card for entering the building: