Terraform on Azure with GitHub Copilot - Creating a Kubernetes Cluster and a Container Registry

September 10, 2023
azure terraform githubcopilot kubernetes containerregistry iac ai microsoft hashicorp devops cloud

Terraform on Azure - Modules for Windows Virtual Machines

July 16, 2023
azure terraform modules virtualmachine virtualnetwork iac microsoft hashicorp devops cloud

Azure CLI - Assign a contributor role to a user

May 30, 2023
azure cloud azureactivedirectory rbac microsoft devops

Terraform on Azure - Provision a Windows 11 Virtual Machine

March 31, 2023
azure cloud terraform virtualmachine iac microsoft hashicorp devops

Terraform on Azure - How to find a suitable Windows 11 Virtual Machine SKU for Terraform using Azure CLI

February 27, 2023
azure cloud terraform azurecli virtualmachine iac sku microsoft hashicorp devops