Terraform on Azure with GitHub Copilot - Creating a Kubernetes Cluster and a Container Registry

September 10, 2023
azure terraform githubcopilot kubernetes containerregistry iac ai microsoft hashicorp devops cloud

Azure Kubernetes Service - Fundamentals and Deep Dive into Workloads

March 16, 2023
azure kubernetes infrastructure-as-code terraform workloads azure-portal kubectl devops

Automating Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

November 27, 2022
azure infrastructure-as-code terraform cloud azure-portal azure-vm kubernetes devops

Getting started with a Development Container for Terraform On Azure

November 27, 2022
devcontainer azure cloud terraform kubernetes aks kubectl hashicorp vscode vim git devops

Upgrade your Azure Kubernetes Service with Windows Nodes using a Terraform Configuration

October 27, 2022
azure cloud terraform kubernetes aks windows hashicorp devops